Upcoming Shows


The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show is an art festival that will feature an incredible assortment of work, artists, entertainment, food, games, and activities. Much like the name implies, there will be bourbon and bacon. If you are under the age of 21, you can only eat the bacon. The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show will be held on Friday, September 22nd. The event will be held at Parsons Alley in Downtown Duluth.

Join us as we gather the best local artists together for a night to show off their artwork accompanied by delicious treats.




The intoxicating smell; that smoky, fatty, salty, porky-sweet flavor; the contrast of pliable, tender meat and crispy edges... We will be serving the goodness all night long in different varieties. 


From illustrators and painters to photographers and digital artists, we have a great group of contributing artists. Join our creative friends here at the B&B Art Show for a  fantastic night out!



That drink that is as American as baseball and apple pie. The B&B Art Show will include the best bourbon the country has to offer in flight tastings, fine cocktails and bacon pairings.


We're starting a movement and really don't want to leave you behind. Whether you're an artist, craftsman, or connoisseur, we're very interested and can't wait to bring you aboard. We hope you'll consider what we have to offer and if you're still holding back, we'd like to encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and email updates.


If you want to be a featured artist at the Bourbon & Bacon Art Show, make sure to register for the show early! To be notified about all upcoming shows and participate in our art events, register to be a 'Pic Pic Artist' @ WWW.PICPICPRINTS.COM.