Artist Submission - 9/22 Show

Artist Submission - 9/22 Show

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You, the artist, are the heart of the show! Yes there will be BACON. Yes there will be BOURBON! But all of that pales to the importance of the artist community coming together to through this amazing event. We welcome you to be a part of the B&B Art Show!


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  • Rates: (FREE ENTRY)
  • Artwork Due Date for B&B Art Show - Duluth: September 21, 2017
  • Maximum Space: 4x4"
  • Marketing: Bourbon & Bacon Art Show will feature you as the artist on our website and social media if you could submit your social media link and a few samples of your work to put up on the page. 
  • Commission: 30% of Art Sales will be due to Pic Pic Prints as the host of the show.
  • Documentation: W-9 Forms will be required to gain income from the shows.
  • Permission: By submitting work for the show you're agreeing to receive period emails concerning B&B Art Show. You're also granting B&B Art Show permission to contact you via text message and/or phone call in which standard messaging, data and phone call rates may apply. We will never give out or sell your information and it is used solely by B&B Art Show to communicate regarding the events that you register for.