Sir Francis Bacon

I couldn’t resist. I simply could not help myself. To be fair, it is perhaps the cheesiest thing in the word to write an article about Sir Francis Bacon on a newsletter about bourbon, bacon, and art. But I am not one to abide by convention. In fact it is necessary to take this letter to new heights! So without further ado, let me tell you about Sir Francis Bacon

This guy was a knighted Attorney General and Lord Chancellor during the English Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution. To say that he had a lot of power within King James’s court is a drastic understatement. Despite a brief corruption scandal, he managed to operate within the court efficiently and effectively. He even managed to change laws and orders within the renaissance court system. But his greatest accomplishment had yet to arrive.

The scientific method is the standard by which nearly all researchers and scientists adhere to. It allows them to properly conduct experiments and gain knowledge in six precise steps. Sir Francis Bacon was one of the largest proponents of the scientific method! Without him, this form of research might not have existed in the present day.

To add the final nail in the coffin, his death must be mentioned. His lordship Sir Francis Bacon died of pneumonia. He contracted this while conducting an experiment in freezing temperatures. The experiment was designed to see the effects below freezing temperatures had on meat. Specifically, he was conducting experiments on frozen pork! I’m sorry if you fail to see the irony in that but I certainly do not.

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