The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show

The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show


The hybrid of art, liquor and cured meats is nothing new. Believe it or not, many have achieved impartial or even lackluster success in similar events. Now, these minimal results are gained because these other groups/events put forth minimal effort. The art is either juvenile or non-existent. The bacon is usually store bought and not made by professionals.  And the bourbon is almost always cheap with almost no drink choices. Basically, plenty of people have attempted, but none have truly succeeded. 

This is where we come in.

The Newsletter

The newsletter's purpose is to keep everyone in the know on all things bourbon, bacon and art. This may include fun facts about bourbon, behind the scenes content, articles on recently accepted artists or announcements of up and coming 'secret' shows! We will be constantly updating our content and will keep things ever evolving. In fact, the newsletter's expansion won't end with the art show. This blog will continue posthumously after the Bourbon and Bacon Art Shows' conclusions. It will still serve it's same purpose but with a much broader reach and scope. 

Be sure to check us out whenever you're in the mood for updated arts and culture or if you just ran out of ideas for your favorite breakfast meat.  

Content and Participation

So what's actually happening at the show? When is it? How can I buy a ticket? Am I going to be bored within the first 10 minutes? What if I'm an artist, and I want to participate?

'The Bourbon & Bacon Art Show' (B&B) will feature an incredible assortment of work, content, artists, music, food, games and activities. Some of which include a silent art auction, bacon taste test and bourbon flights. Our most prominent vendors and proponents include Angle 3 Films,, Pic Pic Prints and a very well known Georgia based Arts college.

The exact dates of the first B&B are August 12th and 13th. All art is subject to vendor price. If you'd like to become a participating artist, simply visit the artist submission page on this very website and follow the steps accordingly. Artists have to submit at least two works of art, but there is no limit on the number of works you can sell.  A $15 submission fee is applied to each piece that is submitted. If you're planning on selling ten or more pieces, we recommend you purchase a vendor booth.   Also, if you are under can only eat the bacon.

Tickets can be purchased on

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