Timbite Kassa

 Timbite Kassa was born in Addis Ababa, in central Ethiopia in 1991. Growing up, he traveled from place to place in the neighboring countries of Africa. Throughout his journey, he has had the opportunity to travel through beautiful sceneries of the natural landscapes. In time, his love of the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Timbite has always been fascinated by visionary arts and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Naturally, he was drawn to the intricacy of nature’s art.

The interest was cultivated during his teenage years as he began to study sacred geometry and also as he began to invoke visions of his own. He further developed his skills by self-education in many forms of art styles including photography. Photography has been his primary medium of expression since the beginning of 2014 and design has been an instinctive interest beginning in 2015. 

 After a few years of studying his craft, Timbite dove even more into his photographic practice. This involved capturing intrinsic perspectives of the natural world as it is. The photographs, which Timbite takes on his journeys through nature, are only part of the narrative. He uses the practice of geometrically breaking his images down to give a unique perspective of the natural environment, and also allows each environment to have a voice of its own. It is definitely a collaboration between the artist and the environment.

He aims to harness the medium of visual transmission to link and communicate the divine reality of Nature, perhaps even attempt to reawaken a past memory of the deep intimate connection we once had with Nature. Timbite cherishes his connection with nature; in fact he believes that nature is an inseparable component of who we truly are. As the wise ancestors know as the Neteru of ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt say, “Nature is the true mirror to life, that only those who look into the heart of nature will look into the heart of themselves.” He strongly feels that the artistic exchange between the natural environment and the artist opens up many opportunities; he believes that individually following the path of a visual translator plays a role in the realization of our unified potential of expanded awareness, and with the hopes to inspire the creativity in the creator within us all. For if there is anything that is constant it is change itself, and those that move with the vibration of the ever morphing reality will always find endless opportunities of growth and expansion of life. Timbite lives and works in Atlanta, Ga, surrounded by many beautiful natural sceneries that tell a rich story of the land. Feel free to contact for freelance or collaboration.

Katie White