Bijal Mehta

"I was born and brought up in Mumbai,India. By profession I am a Homeopathic Doctor and painting is my hobby. I started painting at the age of 8 and since then, there was no looking back. Moved to United States after marriage and have been doing freelancing works since then. In my free time I write medical articles, work on my paintings or get creative with my culinary skills. I love travelling, reading, and meeting new people. Always looking forward to learning and experimenting new things in life".

The Soul

18 X 24, Oil on canvas

The painting depicts the calmness of the soul through serene face of Lord Buddha. 

Wings of Freedom

24 X 36, Oil on canvas

This painting depicts, woman breaking shackles of mundane life.

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Contact Number: (480) 370 - 9630

Herman Lee McClenton