Caitlin Sciscoe

I work in the photographic medium, using the process of long exposure to make "light paintings" from the light trails created by LED gloves.

I am a photographer and photo retoucher by trade with a background in dance and performing arts. As a full time freelancer, I enjoy the opportunities I get to collaborate with different teams of inspired professionals, allowing me to improve my craft in unique ways while building meaningful and lasting relationships that push me to be both a better artist and person. A healthy dose of curiosity combined with the drive to constantly learn new things are what motivate me to experiment with a variety of techniques in both my professional and personal projects. Integrating my performance art with photography is what led to the creation of the light paintings you will see in this show.

I am very passionate in my work with image manipulation and retouching. For me, the thrill of being a photographer is when I get into post-production and find myself able to use the items in my digital toolbox to transform my images into the true artistic vision I had imagined while capturing the initial photo. I thoroughly enjoy spending time to enhance photographs and images for final presentation. I find it extremely rewarding to see what I can do with Photoshop to improve and perfect even the smallest details in the photos that I develop - I see it as a form of pure artistic creation and have been known to spend up to 30 hours on a single image until I feel that it has fully converged with my creative vision for the work.

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