Art is more than piece of work that's nice to look. It's an experience that can capture your imagination and tell you a story.  Art can make you think and feel deeply.  Pic Pic Prints presents an artistic fusion that you'll never forget. Register today and enjoy an evening filled with the incredible art we have to offer, a fine glass of bourbon, and some tasty bacon.  

Here are a few of our featured artists from the shows.


Because art is the foundation of what we believe in, it would be silly not to reach out. If creation is your passion, we implore you to contact us! Please send your work to bourbonandbaconartshow@gmail.com. Please title the subject header as the name of the show you wish to participate in. An artist representative will contact you shortly after. 

If you want to be a 'Featured Artist' at a Bourbon & Bacon Art Show, make sure to register for the show early!  You'll get a custom page on the Bourbon & Bacon Art Show website.

 To be notified about all upcoming shows and participate in our art events, register to be a 'Pic Pic Artist' @ WWW.PICPICPRINTS.COM.