Stingy Genius is a collective of Artist and Production Professionals who have taken on projects spanning from product photography, event management to short films.

Our Partners-In-Crime Include but are not limited to:


A Brief History

It all started years ago, when our fearless and often not sober founder, Martin Chan, decided that it may be time to move on from bar life and move toward his long time interest to be an artist and a creative. He sat in a coffee shop and thought about how he may make such a drastic career change. He just wanted to make cool stuff and get paid for it. So a team was gathered and stuff was done. You can scroll up to see our team’s personal pages.

Now what does Stingy Genius do? We knew businesses needed marketing and organic marketing at that. So we set out to create some professional looking art pieces to help brands market themselves and increase sales. Because thats what they hired us for. The team stayed together for a while and new members joined and some old members left but the work remained.

Though split up into different paths that life takes us on, we still have memories of our work together and this website is dedicated to telling our story and not let our archive of work be lost and forgotten.